The Pathfinder, Adventurer, Eager Beaver and Little Lambs clubs go beyond the once a week meeting for Sabbath School to provide continued spiritual growth for our children as well as give them a chance to socialize with their church friends during the week.  Our clubs also have a large membership of community children.

Verified Volunteers
If you volunteer with children at Piedmont Park, please take a few moments to complete Verified Volunters. Click here for instructions.

To learn more about our clubs or to register your child to join one of our clubs, contact the leaders below:

· Pathfinder Club - Thunderbirds: grades 5-12
Leader: contact Ryan Lindbeck here.

· Adventurer Club: grades 1-4

· Eager Beavers: ages 4 & 5
Leaders: contact Kevin & Melissa Young here.

· Little Lambs: ages 2-3
Leaders: contact Kevin & Melissa Young here.

Web links:

Pathfinders Online

Adventist Youth Ministries

Pathfinder Camporee Online

Pathfinder Resources