The Piedmont FBA Committee has decided to do a virtual Family Bible Adventure again this year. The recorded part of each video will be approximately 30 minutes long, with extra time needed by participants to pause the video and participate in suggested activities. Our goal is to have the production published to YouTube in July.  Recording sessions will be scheduled during March through May.

Last year, we had a very limited number of people participating in the cast, but we believe we can open it up to more volunteers this year and still schedule recording times to minimize individual exposure to large numbers of people. 

Roles that need to be filled:

  • Bible Character - Martha of Bethany- participates with Gospel-Writer-Matthew in opening/closing celebration and Bible story time. May also host an activity and/or craft, if interested.
  • Bible Character - Mary of Bethany - participates with Gospel-Writer-Matthew in opening/closing celebration and Bible story time. May also host an activity and/or craft, if interested.
  • Bible Times character (non-specific) - hosting an activity and/or a craft.
  • Parable actors - non speaking roles that will act out parables as they are read from the Bible by one of the Bible Story characters - There are at least 12 parables to be told; our goal is to have each parable covered by only 1 family group, as much as possible, in order to assist with physical distancing requirements. 
  • Bridesmaid parable - we would like to have 10 ladies in bridesmaid clothing; each lady will need to provide her own dress, color doesn't matter. The participants in this parable will have more exposure to those outside their family unit. For the Groom and his men, it would be preferable to have male family members of the 10 ladies. 

If you are interested in being cast as one of the actors in the video, send an email by March 7 to Please indicate which part(s) you would like, specific family members that are interested, as well as the ages of any children volunteering.  The committee will then assign roles according to best fit.

If you would like more information about any of the roles, the recording process, or have any other questions, please call Jim and Charlene Hawkins at 402-486-4413.

Chair: Nicole Houdek

Verified Volunteers
If you volunteer with children at Piedmont Park, please take a few moments to complete Verified Volunters.
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Family Bible Adventure is a fun way for kids and families to learn more about Jesus in an environment filled
with activity, movement, creativity and music.  Piedmont Park holds Family Bible Adventure
annually during the summer.  For five days, each evening is spent immersed in a Bible story. 
The kids love it, and so do the adults who volunteer their time to staff the event.

· 2020 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Wilderness Escape - Where God Guides and Provides - ONLINE

· 2019 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Sea of Galilee - Sea of Miracles (average of 120 participants per night)
· 2018 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Babylon - Daniel's Courage in Captivity (average of 95 participants per night)
· 2017 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Rome - Paul and the Underground Church (average of 110 participants per night)
· 2016 Vacation Bible School's theme was Egypt - Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace (average of 120 kids per night)
· 2015 Vacation Bible School's theme was Hometown Nazareth - Where Jesus Was a Boy (average of 110 kids per night)
· 2014 Vacation Bible School's theme was Wilderness Escape - Where God Guides and Provides (average of 100 kids per night)
· 2013 Vacation Bible School's theme was Athens (average of 80+ kids per night)
· 2012 Vacation Bible School's theme was Babylon (average of 60-80 kids per night)
· 2011 Vacation Bible School's theme was Hometown Nazareth