Family Bible Adventure is a fun way for kids and families to learn more about Jesus in an environment filled
with activity, movement, creativity and music.  Piedmont Park holds Family Bible Adventure
annually during the summer.  For five days, each evening is spent immersed in a Bible story. 
The kids love it, and so do the adults who volunteer their time to staff the event.

Chair: Nicole Houdek

Family Bible Adventure 2020 - Wilderness Escape - July 12-16, 6:30-8:30pm
What would happen if you could sit down with Moses, listen to his stories, marvel at his unwavering faith, ask him your questions, and learn to trust in God the way he did when he led the Israelites out of Egypt? Come Piedmont Park’s Family Bible Adventure on July 12-16 from 6:30-8:30pm each night and enjoy friends, food, games, music, crafts and FUN while you learn more about Moses and the Wilderness Escape! To pre-register for FREE, please go to We look forward to having you with us! Questions? 402-489-1344 or e-mail (Location is 4801 A Street, Lincoln)



Verified Volunteers
If you volunteer with children at Piedmont Park, please take a few moments to complete Verified Volunters.
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Plan now to join us for our 2020 Family Bible Adventure -  July 12-16, 2020 (Celebration on July 18)

· 2019 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Sea of Galilee - Sea of Miracles (average of 120 participants per night)
· 2018 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Babylon - Daniel's Courage in Captivity (average of 95 participants per night)
· 2017 Family Bible Adventure's theme was Rome - Paul and the Underground Church (average of 110 participants per night)
· 2016 Vacation Bible School's theme was Egypt - Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace (average of 120 kids per night)
· 2015 Vacation Bible School's theme was Hometown Nazareth - Where Jesus Was a Boy (average of 110 kids per night)
· 2014 Vacation Bible School's theme was Wilderness Escape - Where God Guides and Provides (average of 100 kids per night)
· 2013 Vacation Bible School's theme was Athens (average of 80+ kids per night)
· 2012 Vacation Bible School's theme was Babylon (average of 60-80 kids per night)
· 2011 Vacation Bible School's theme was Hometown Nazareth