College View Academy

Thank you Piedmont for your continued support of College View Academy, your only accredited Seventh-day Adventist K-12 academy in Lincoln, Nebraska. Your Piedmont Education reps our:

  • Pastor Michael Halfhill
  • Elder Hugh Davis
  • Stephanie Ponce

Members are welcome to observe the meetings that take place the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Visit College View Academy to learn how teachers, staff, and administrators are working hard everyday to fulfill the vision of CVA which is to create a holistic educational experience that builds a solid foundation for eternity. 


Union College 

An accredited, comprehensive college, Union offers active learning in a vibrant Christian atmosphere. Union’s nurturing environment offers a traditional liberal arts education combined with practical experiences such as internships, academic and career counseling, study abroad and both local and global service opportunities. Visit Union College online to learn how the school mentors every student to become a highly sought graduate who serves joyfully in God’s calling.

George Stone School

Union's unique on-campus elementary school provides a place for education majors to spend time in classrooms starting their freshman year. The school ia a multi-grade training school that is fully approved by the State of Nebraska and accredited by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Visit George Stone's website to learn more about how they deliver a spiritually oriented education for children and enable teacher candidates to grow and develop skills in a multi-grade setting.