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Piedmont Park Community Seventh-day Adventist Church
4801 A Street
Lincoln, NE 68510-4910
Phone: 402-489-1344

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What is Piedmont Park's Schedule on Sabbath? 
All Bible Classes: 9:30am
Worship Service: 11:00am

General Parking: Parking is available in the Bryan Hospital open parking lot to the Cotner side of the church. There is parking available in our west parking lot off of 48th Street by the Montessori School building. Please reserve the main parking lot east of the Sanctuary for those who are elderly, ill, disabled or single with small children and our guests. Please keep the lanes to the north and south of the church clear except to unload.  Thank you for parking only on cement.


Valet Parking:  We can park your car or carry items for you…please ask a greeter.


Assistive Listening Devices: Ask a greeter to help you…return the device to the Welcome Desk at the end of the service.

DVD’s/CD’s: Copies are $4.00 each. Sign up and pick up at the Welcome Desk.


Pew Cards:  Report membership transfers, changes in name, address, phone #’s, prayer requests or requests for the Pastor. Please place them in the offering plate or turn them into the church office.


Lost and Found Items: See the lost & found cabinet by welcome desk. Items are held two months, then donated to the GNCC or other appropriate organization.


Tithes and Offerings: Piedmont Park accepts tithes and offerings on-line as well as in the offering plate during Worship Services. Thank you for your contributions.   


Children’s Room: Parents…please feel free to use the Children’s Room as needed for quiet activity during the Worship Service.


Wheelchairs and Walkers: Please reserve the two pews in the back of the church on the right side facing the platform for families whose member(s) may use a wheelchair or walker.


Family Restroom: There are two family restrooms located behind the Welcome Desk.

Copies of:  Adult Sabbath School lessons are available weekly at the Welcome Desk.