Where My Feet Are

Moses was told to take off his sandals, for the place where he was standing was “holy ground” (Exodus 3:5). Why was it holy? Because God had filled a random bush at the feet of Mount Horeb with his presence. What was Moses doing? His job. Taking care of sheep. And that’s where God met him. “I want to be where my feet are”, sings Andrew Peterson in a newly released song. Not back in Egypt, wondering what is happening to the people we tried to defend and failed. Not in Midian, thinking about our last night’s argument with my wife, not in whatever tomorrows I have left, wondering what will happen to me and those I loved. God called Moses to be where his feet were. He wasn’t meeting him in Egypt, or back at home, or in the future. He was meeting the tired, exiled shepherd in a seemingly insignificant moment. At work.

Are you where your feet are? I know I am often not where my feet are. My mind and heart are often busy revisiting the pains of the past or anticipating apprehensively the challenges of the future. So much so, that I do not see the loving family and friends that are right in front of me. Additionally, I often underestimate God’s ability to use any “old bush” to meet me, and limit his power and reach. My fears, scars and concerns about past or future and my misguided assumptions of God often drive me away from where my feet are. Yet, God is often wanting to meet me in any old bush. It could even be that God is most likely to meet you and I in a bush than in the middle of a rousing sermon.

Friends, may we be this week where our feet are

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