Adult Sabbath School Superintendent: Virgil Carner
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Our Adult Sabbath School classes meet in various locations througout our facility from 9:30-10:30am each Sabbath morning. It is uplifting for adults to join together and study more about Jesus together. We have several different styles of classes, and we're sure you'll find one for you.  Here is a list of our Adult Sabbath School classes:

Sabbaths 1, 2, 4 & 5: Singing/Prayer 9:15-9:25am; Missions 9:25-9:45am; Class Study 9:45-10:40am

Every 3rd Sabbath: Singing/Prayer 9:15-9:25am; Class Study 9:25-10:25am.; Mission (Project Sunlight) 10:25-10:40am

Balcony Explorers
Teachers: Bill Fitts and Assistants
Practical problem-solving through sharing scripture and the quarterly
Meets in the Balcony

Matthew 11:28-30
Teacher: Peter Adams
Various Topics
Meets in Multipurpose Room #2

Searchers of the Word
Teacher: Ray Daniel
The Bible, the Quarterly and the Spirit of Prophecy
Meets on the left in the back of the Sanctuary

Hearers of the Word
Teacher: Virgil Carner
Ask a Greeter for a hearing assistance device
Church Quarterly
Meets on the right front of the Sanctuary

Themes of Hope
Teachers: Renee Schaecher, Jennifer Somers, Cheryl Wallin, Eula Key, Donald Williams
The Quarterly
Meets in the south end of the Fellowship Hall
Visitors and new believers welcome!
Learn more about this class by clicking here.

Conference Room
Teacher: Dustan Daniel
Meets in the Conference Room

Karen SDA Sabbath School Class
Teacher: Grace Cici
Meets in the room behind the Organ

Teacher: Victor Pastor
Meets in the north end of the Fellowship Hall

Young Adult Sabbath School Class
Breakfast at 9:30am, Bible Study at 10:00am
Teachers: Sharon Adams, Shaina Adams, Alexa Hazelton
Collegiate Quarterly
Meets in Multipurpose Room #1