Piedmont Park Thunderbirds


Joshua Kittleson, Director & Alexa Hazelton, Deputy Director

Staff: Chris Hausted, Ashton Huntsman, Eathan Lindbeck, Alex Stout, Trystin Somers, Christian Beard, Cat Singh

Kid's safety is one of our top concerns, so we require our volunteers who work with children to complete Verified Volunteers. Click here for instructions.


Club meetings are most Wednesday nights at 6:30pm



2024 Pathfinder International Camporee Fundraiser


The Piedmont Park Thunderbirds are preparing for the 2024 International Camporee, which will be in its new location, Gillette, Wyoming. You might remember the church and community helped the Pathfinders when they attended this same event in 2019. This event happens every five years. Pathfinders come from all over the globe, with approximately 105 countries represented. It is a fun, spiritual, rewarding, and memorable experience they will take with them for years. They can collect pins and exclusive honors only available at the International Camporee. For this to become a reality, the Pathfinders need to raise $20,000. Our Pathfinders want to extend this experience to another group of young people. So they are hosting a Pathfinder group from Puerto Rico. Extra funds will are needed to provide the group with tents and camping equipment. One way you can help in this endeavor is by picking up an envelope off the table in the lobby. There are 144 envelopes marked with a number 1 through 144. Suppose all of those envelopes are utilized and sent returned with funds listed on them that provide the Pathfinders with over $10,140 towards their goal of $20,000. Please consider and pray about helping our Pathfinders, and their host club, make it to Camporee! You can also give online through the Adventistgiving.org website or with your tithe envelope and mark it, Pathfinders.



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