Greeter Ministry


Chair: Roy Schaecher

The Greeter Ministry is an important part of the Sabbath morning experience at church.  Greeters at the main entrances welcome people to church with a smile, give them a bulletin and aid them in any needs they may have.

As Rich Liedtke says:
Your Visitor is the answer to many prayers. God has been leading people to your doors, but not only by Himself. He has enlisted many people to pray for your Visitor. By His prompting many people have spanned many years of praying for this event. This may have generations ,such as grandparents, parents, siblings, children and friends. Much pleading, petitioning, and tears have been put into this hour. Today those prayers are being answered at your church when your Visitor walks in. It is a much anticipated heavenly event. Don’t treat it lightly. Make it a warm, personal event that your Visitor will long remember and want to repeat regularly.