Olive Branch Ministry

The Olive Branch Ministry was voted as an official ministry at Piedmont Park SDA Church in November of 2021. The managing group is Themes of Hope Sabbath School. Renee Schaecher and Eula Key are the contact persons. If someone has questions or wants to contact the ministry they can contact us by leaving their name and number and a brief message at the Piedmont Park church office at 402-489-1344 or emailing piedmontparksda@gmail.com. The secretaries' hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-2pm. The secretary will let us know of the contact and Renee or Eula  will get back to the caller as soon as possible. 


The Olive Branch Ministry Initiatives:

  • Piedmont Food Cupboard - Snacks and meal-kits for out members and regular attenders
  • Walking Food Kits - Small backpacks filled with one meal, snacks, water and encouraging reading for the people in Lincoln who are experiencing food insecurity and are on the move (walking).
  • Lincoln's Little Free Pantries - a community grass-roots, self-funded movement to provide immediate food support and other small personal needs items for those who are in need. Piedmont Park supports Lincoln's Free Little Pantries by sending select items donated to our local distribution person who then distributes food items, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, mittens, and scarves to the pantries in their area and to other distributors. Financial donations can be made through the tithe/offering envelope or online at https://www.piedmontparksda.org, online giving, other offerings, piedmont food cupboard or little free pantries.  Thank you so much for your generosity.


March 2023 Report

Through our church members and Lincoln community, the Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church Olive Branch Ministry donated 7,853 items between November 20, 2021-2022, with a message of loving care for those experiencing food insecurity.

Kids delivering donated grocery items to the local Little Free Pantry.



August 2022 Report

We went to the Little Free Pantry on E street this Sabbath morning to deliver food donations provided by Piedmont Park Church. We send thanks to the Piedmont Park church members who donate funding and goods in kind to support their community's food insecure members! We found the E Street pantry to be temporarily under repair and so we could not deliver there. After a moment, we remembered the Little Free Pantry on 5346 Prescott and found opportunity to leave our donation there this week! Piedmont Park also sent a box of food donations to the Benton Street Pantry. All worked out well.


May 2022 Report

We were blessed to be able to deliver another box of groceries to the  E street Lincoln's Little Free Pantry. Piedmont Park membership has blessed us with enough funding to donate to the Little Free Pantries on E Street and Benton street on a weekly basis for some time. We have been able to donate over 5000 items so far since 11-20-2020. Thank you all so much! Blessings.


January 2022 Report

We are happy to give a great update for The Olive Branch Ministry/Lincoln's Little Free Pantries. In the last 13 1/2 months Piedmont Park Church has provided 3000 items (food, personal hygiene, etc) to Lincoln's Little Free Pantries. This is a grand gift to our Lincoln neighbors who find themselves in need. Lincoln's Little Free Pantries are growing in number. It operates on the honor basis: take what you need and give when you can, no questions asked. Thank you so much for your continued support! Themes of Hope SS Class - Questions? Renee Schaecher or Eula Key.


    October 2021 Report:

    • Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist church is blessing people each day! Together we have supplied 2490 items i.e. food, hygiene and home care items and small clothing items such as socks, mittens, gloves, scarves and hats to our Lincoln Community and Piedmont Park Membership. 

    As of 9-11-2021 Piedmont Park SDA Church has donated:

    • 1, 749 items to Little Free Pantries
    • 4 Walking Food kits