Hospitality Ministry - Fellowship Meals


Chairs: Chris Hausted, Kim Hazelton, Valeree Krueger 

“Community” from the Latin “communis,” meaning common. A community was understood to be a group of people who knew one another, and shared common cultural assumptions, interests, concerns, and goals, largely because they lived together and always had. In order to create community in today’s world, whether in a rural area, a small town, or a large city, it’s often necessary to bring people together so that they can get to know one another, learn about one another’s cultures, and develop common interests, concerns, and goals. Especially in large cities, people often live either in isolation, or surrounded only by others who are similar to themselves in language, culture, and assumptions. How do we build communities that are trusting and supportive, and that can reflect and embrace the diversity of backgrounds, ethnicity, race, and culture that make up much of today’s society? Taken from:
Piedmont Park intentionally works to provide a venue and an atmosphere that allows our members, visitors and guests the opportunity to build cohesive community by providing a fellowship meal and a safe and comfortable space to visit together, to foster creative ministry ideas and plans, to exchange ideas and resources, to share personal and spiritual needs, and, when willing, to prayer together.

· Brings the church community and often the extended community together, often across ethnic, racial, class, and cultural lines, creating the bridging social capital and so creating a stronger sense of community

· Helps people understand that they have the resources within the  church community and extended community to solve many of their own problems, and helps gives them the motivation to do so

· Creates a sense of a home away from home

· Provides a base to organize before going out to provide community ministry

· Establishes a base for idea creation and planning for church events / ministries

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We plan to engage our fellow church members to provide food, funds, and assistance to host a monthly fellowship meal every 3rd Sabbath of the month at 12:30pm for the benefit of members, visitors and guests and extended community that may attend.