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Better Day 

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In 2021-2022 the Better Day Ministry was blessed to provide over $13,500.00 in financial grants to help with the needs of both church members and the Lincoln, NE community. We also provided community referrals to provide connections for ongoing support and prayers for God's blessings in our grant recipients lives. We praise God and
thank our donors for their care and generosity!  

In 2019-2020 The Better Day Ministry provided warm clothing for those in need. We also provided financial grants to uplift both church members and our neighbors in the Lincoln, NE community.

In 2017-2018 The Better Day Ministry continued to help with the needs of both members and the community both financially and through referral and prayers.

In 2016 over 60 people from Piedmont Park joined their community friends in a Kid's Against Hunger Packing Event. Piedmont Park donated over $600.00 toward the cost of supplies and the 110 people there that day packaged 33,600.00 meals in two hours! These protein complete and nutritionally sound meals go all over the world and the U.S. to stave off chronic hunger in the most vulnerable of our populations, our children and our elderly.

In 2015 Piedmont Park Church generously granted approximately $8,500.00 in financial grants to our members and friends in our community.  We also donated over 75 toys to the Good Neighbor Centers, "Grandparent Christmas Toy Program," helping grandparents on set incomes bring joy to their grandchildren's lives!

In 2013-2014 we participated in the Center for People in Need's Giving Thanksgiving Event and Kids Against Hunger Public Packing Events!  We also gave numerous grants to church members and individuals in the community.

In 2012 we expanded again and collaborated with other ministries to broaden our organizational and promotional base for ministry. The un-restricted benevolent committee, the new member ministry and the youth ministry went together to promote all church involvement in a community based helping event. As a result, 55 people from Piedmont Park participated in the Center for People in Need’s Giving Thanksgiving Event.  

In 2011 we expanded the ministry by initiating and promoting positive helping events. Since that time we have helped organize and have provided our church as a no cost host site for three families who needed assistance raising funds to help pay large medical bills.

In 2010 this ministry adopted and the church board approved the application and committee process which helps define the applicant’s financial need as well as distribute the decision making process. We are happy to help many member families as well as a smaller number of community people with financial grants or referrals to organizations that can help meet their needs. We provide a copy of the community referral resource booklet and encouraging spiritual booklets to grant applicants and recipients when possible. We also began "Employment Connections" which is an information only resource to help distribute employment opportunities to our members.