Women's Ministries


Chair: Carol Leonhardt | Email

The Piedmont Park Women's Ministries Committee plans and implements programs, activities, and projects especially for women. This committee consists of women ages 14-60+.

"Women are an influential force in the church. They cradle the future and shape the present with their attitudes and actions toward themselves, family, friends, and fellow church people. When women are ministered to, the church, family, and community are ministered to as well." (How to Start a Women’s Ministry Program, Appx D)



· Inspire, challenge, and affirm women as they use their gifts to serve in varied roles in the family, church, and community

· Offer opportunities for Christian fellowship that builds goodwill among women, facilitating friendships, networking, and support systems that uphold and promote Christian values/beliefs throughout life’s journey.

· Equip women via important and relevant information, resources, and experiences that facilitate spiritual development and renewal, physical and emotional health and wellness, improved family and general relationship skills, effective coping skills during life changes and personal growth.

· Encourage, strengthen, and support the family unit-which is so important to God and women.


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